Academic Summer

'Academics get the summer off.' As if. Even we, the baby PhD students, know this is not true. The first hint of this is the flurry of conference calls for papers that make it into your inbox around Springtime. Then, come Summer Term, everyone's talking about 'Conference Season.' My fellow UCL History PhD students and … Continue reading Academic Summer


With Spring Break coming up (already!), I decided to plan some research trips for when I'm in Poland for the holidays. As all the archival training sessions have stressed, I contacted the three archives I'm going to visit - Archdiocesan Archive in Wrocław, Archdiocesan Archive in Poznań and the Archive and Library of the Cracow … Continue reading Archives!


I should be writing, or rather, editing that 'chapter' that I mentioned in the previous post. However, I've switched to writing this blog post, instead. I once had a conversation about writing with my cousin, who at that time was agonising over an essay she had to submit. She really was agonising, because, as she … Continue reading Writing

Baby Steps

So, as an update: I've started writing. To be specific, I started what I shudder to call a 'chapter' on papal nuncii. It seems like the most logical place to start gathering thoughts into words, as it stems directly from my MA Thesis on papal legates. It is an interesting exercise because writing about these nuncios … Continue reading Baby Steps