I'm about halfway through my three-month 'exchange' in Paris, at the École nationale des chartes. Time flies (but is also slower than in London? more on that below)! I'm glad that it was possible for me to come here. My supervisor and others encouraged me to do this, a grant from LAHP made it more … Continue reading Paris!


Cistercians, Dominicans, Franciscans

So all medievalists have to deal with monks or friars at one point or another. Although I'd briefly studied the mendicants back during my BA, switching gears from the secular to the regular clergy is surprisingly difficult. The episcopate's fight for libertas ecclesiae rubbed off on me and so it is quite a shock to the system … Continue reading Cistercians, Dominicans, Franciscans

Academic Summer

'Academics get the summer off.' As if. Even we, the baby PhD students, know this is not true. The first hint of this is the flurry of conference calls for papers that make it into your inbox around Springtime. Then, come Summer Term, everyone's talking about 'Conference Season.' My fellow UCL History PhD students and … Continue reading Academic Summer


With Spring Break coming up (already!), I decided to plan some research trips for when I'm in Poland for the holidays. As all the archival training sessions have stressed, I contacted the three archives I'm going to visit - Archdiocesan Archive in Wrocław, Archdiocesan Archive in Poznań and the Archive and Library of the Cracow … Continue reading Archives!